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Certification is the process in which our office electronically submits your enrollment to the VA for processing and payment of your education benfits. Enrollment is reported to VA (certified) by our office based on eligible courses you are scheduled for. Ineligible courses include:

  • Courses not required for your degree,
  • Courses not approved by your advisor, and
  • Courses that you have already received credit for.

You can request to be certified once you have registered for classes. You will need to submit the following paperwork to our office:

  • Degree Plan (Curriculum) for your major
    • Lists all courses required for your degree.
    • Obtain a copy from your advisor or your department's administrative office.
  • Certification Request Form*
    • New students can request form via email.
    • Each semester our office will send a new form to continuing students via email ( address) during advising week.
  • Academic Advising Form*
    • Blue paper from advisor that lists approved courses.
    • Must be signed by you and advisor.

*These forms must be submitted each semester you intend to use your benefits. Renewal is not automatic. Suggested deadline for timely payment of benefits is 6-8 weeks before the start of each semester.

VA will notify you by email when our office submits your enrollment certification.